Dear friend:

You eat less and move more… You try your best to eat healthy. It should be enough to help you lose weight, keep it off and get healthier.

Yet, you feel so weak and sickly that it is hard for you to be strong enough to carry out normal daily activities. Worse, you feel hungry shortly after your meals, and you have intense cravings most of the times.

It is frustrating for you, as you can’t stick to the dieting this way, even for a short period of time!

I know how hard it is to lose some weight and keep it off. I was where you are right now, and I know how difficult to lose weight this way.

Hi, I am Julia Yuan and I had tried many ways to lose weight and get healthier. I have gone through the same path as you on weight loss. And I will share with you what can turn your luck around this time.  

Don’t be afraid! You are just a step away from your true success of weight loss. Yes, you are only another step away from your goal: lose the weight and keep it off, get a slim and heathy body!

My Personal Journey -
Get Healthier and Have a Slim Waist at 43 Years Old  

Julia Yuan of How to lose Weight and Build up HealthJulia Yuan (Before)
Julia Yuan (After)

From early twenties to 41 years old, I had failed miserably in losing weight. I had tried many ways: eating less, moving more, doing all kinds of exercises, especially jogging every morning before my full time job.

No matter how cold or how hot it was, I jogged almost every day to lose some weight and get healthier.

Yet, I couldn’t lose any weight and I got sicker.

I thought that I ate healthy: low fat, low salt, low sugar and less fried food. But I got sickly with many health problems: always tired, exhausted and yawned, got angry easily, felt bloated in the stomach even with normal amount of food, constipation, insomnia, poor eyesight, hard to concentrate on reading and many more…

At the age of 41 years old, it seemed to me I had poor health. How to regain good health? I didn’t know, but I knew that good health is more important than anything else, even the good look.

I thought to myself if I got worse and finally lost my precious health (I was in poor health at 41 years old), good look could be nothing to me.

So I had to put all my focus on getting healthier. This focus on bettering my health had brought me great result.

As I got healthier and healthier each day, I looked better.

Surprising me most was my new, beautiful and slim waistline, 67cm at the age of 43 from 80cm at 34 years old, that I could only admire those slim beautiful ladies enviously.

I had lost 16 kg, from 64 kg to 48 kg!

How many times I blamed the genes for my big belly! How many times I wished I could have had such perfect figure in my twenties or thirties!

Am I amazed?

Yes, I am amazed by my slim waist, beautiful body, good health and the secret of healthy ways of living I have found on my tough journey. I have kept the weight off till today since 2007, after I lost the extra weight more than 13 years ago.

I wish you can have the vital secret ways of bettering your health at earlier stages of your life, like in your twenties or thirties. So you don’t have to go through all the disappointments, sadness and trials I have gone through because of overweight and health problems.

I am not the only one who has benefited from the secret ways of bettering your health, got tremendous improvements in health and a beautiful body with slim waist. There are many others who have got great results in weight loss and good health.

It's time to breathe new life, energy and strength
into your body by
focusing on bettering your health to lose weight naturally.

Health Is Wealth, Learn How to Achieve Good Health!

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How to Lose Weight and Build up Health

What Others Are Saying About  
How to Lose Weight and Build up Health

A Young Girl Lost 44 lbs and Got a Slim Waist

Before Lose Weight and Belly FatArianna Xue (Before)
Lose Weight and Belly FatArianna Xue (After)

I was 19 years old then. A big tummy made me difficult to fit into nice clothes. I had to put on all the big clothes to cover my body, especially my tummy.

I had eaten less, moved more and sometimes I simply skipped meals.

I was weak and I couldn’t stand the hunger because of a low calorie diet or a low carbohydrate diet. I couldn’t lose the stubborn belly fat and keep it off, and life looked so unfair to me, especially the overweight and big belly.

I was so sad and depressed and thought I might have to be this way my whole life.

Luckily I got Julia Yuan’s program of “How to Lose Weight and Build up Health,” I was keen to learn the healthy and natural way to lose weight.

After applying the healthy ways of living from “How to Lose Weight and Build up Health” sometime, I found myself slimmer every day, lost 44 lbs and waistline from 85 cm to 69 cm. I could fit into the beautiful clothes I desired for so long. The most wonderful part is that I have been getting healthier and stronger each day.

I enjoyed THIS journey to lose weight and get rid of the stubborn belly fat, and keep it off. I love the food in the program every day.

                                                                                               Arianna Xue


Slim Waist is Nice to Have and Achievable. It is Time to Learn How to Get Healthier, Lose Weight and Get Slim Waist Naturally!

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How to Lose Weight and Build up Health

You Will Be Shocked That I Tell You:
Don’t Blame Yourself for Binge Eating

You should never, ever feel guilty for your binge eating during or after dieting. It is the natural response of your body to nutrition and energy deficiency.

Your instinct tells you that you are hungry for food, you are hungry for energy and you are hungry for many nutrients that your whole body desperately needs.

Every cell, every organ and your whole body need proper supply of nutrients and energy continually.

For survival, you can’t ignore the signal of hunger!

You can’t!

Binge eating is just your response to prolonged lack of proper supply of many nutrients and energy.

But of course, binge eating is harmful for your digestive system, as it is overloaded with too much food at one go. It is overwhelming for you to fully digest and absorb the foods well.

Thus, binge eating does harm to you and cause to form a lot of semi-digested foods, which are hard for your body to fully absorb and accumulated gradually inside your body.

The Shocking Truth That You May Lose Muscle Weight and Get Weaker by Depriving Yourself… You Won’t Believe

You are supposed to lose fat, not muscle weight. But unfortunately, you may lose the precious muscle weight by depriving yourself of nutritious REAL food.

You feel so weak that you can’t carry out your usual activities. You are more prone to flu and other infectious diseases as your immunity is lower.

Gradually, you are suffering from various diseases caused by malnutrition. Depriving yourself of essential nutrients from nutritious REAL foods is dangerous, especially for long period of time.

We are not talking about a bit of nutrition deficiency; malnutrition is the root cause of problems such as:

  • Shedding hair
  • Early menopause, some even in early thirties
  • Osteoporosis (easily get fracture)
  • Infertility (can’t conceiving)
  • Irritability (always moody)
  • Easily get flu and many other infectious diseases
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Many more…

Introducing the Popular Nasty Nutrient Robbing Foods That You May Eat Every Meal…

Do you feel hungry shortly after your usual meals, well before your next meal? You have to snack continuously, and you may feel guilty as you keep on snacking.

Don’t blame yourself for snacking! And don’t feel shameful for snacking!

Your normal meals are not satisfying you well and continuously, so snacking is the answer to the hunger for continuous energy and nutrient supply.

As essential nutrients are depleted from your body for metabolizing the Nasty Nutrient Robbing foods, the more of the Popular Nasty Nutrient Robbing foods you eat, the shorter the period you feel hungry after meals, the more cravings you have, the weaker you are, and you are forced to eat more, gradually you put on more weight. You become overweight or obese unintentionally and uncontrollably.

We are not talking a bit of Nasty Nutrient Robbing foods. When you have the Popular Nasty Nutrient Robbing foods every meal, it is certain that you have to keep on eating shortly after your main meals and put on more weight inevitably.

The Popular Nasty Nutrient Robbing foods are the root cause of the problems as follows:

  • Overweight and obesity
  • Constipation
  • Cancers
  • Diabetes
  • Heart diseases
  • Hypertension
  • High  cholesterol
  • Irritable (moody)
  • Easily catch flu and other infectious diseases
  • Many more...

What your physician ISN'T telling you…
and what they don’t know

Diagnosing the root cause of overweight or obesity is tricky.

If you see a general medical practitioner, chances are that they weren’t able to pinpoint the issue.

So many health professionals are overweight or obese themselves, it is very unlikely they can help you with overweight or obesity, especially with very limited time for each patient.

Traditionally most doctors may advise you to focus on lowering calorie intake by eating less and moving more.

It's no wonder that identifying the root cause of your overweight or obesity is difficult to do, even with a general medical practitioner.

It's why the needs of keeping on eating something and putting on more weight are left undiagnosed and untreated for far too long, as physicians look for a faster and oversimplified explanation.

So understand that this it's not your fault.

However, knowing this hands you the power to finally do something about it before it's too late.

Why "Eating Less" Alone Isn't the Answer

Knowing that your overweight or obesity is caused by eating too much Popular Nasty Nutrient Robbing foods is one thing.

Knowing how to identify and avoid the Popular Nasty Nutrient Robbing foods is another challenge altogether.

If you trust so-called experts on Youtube and online, they'll have you believe it's simply a case of adding some vegetable and fruits for a period of time to try or doing some exercises.

Or simply skipping meals or one meal a day (as if that will really make any difference).

It takes more than skipping meals or eating less…and doing it wrong could cause even MORE damage.

The reason few people manage to fix their overweight or obesity is simple.

It’s really hard to identify and avoid the Popular Nasty Nutrient Robbing foods, because Popular Nasty Nutrient Robbing foods are regarded as “healthy foods” by most people.

Losing Your Fat Can Actually Be Easy  
NO to Popular Nasty Nutrient Robbing Foods Method

Like the saying that “We are what we eat”. 80% of overweight or obesity is caused by eating the popular Nasty Nutrient Robbing Foods.

These foods are so popular that more and more people are having them every meal. So you find yourself put on more weight gradually and uncontrollably.

Getting it wrong really can make it worse, such as “eating less and move more”. Not only you can’t lose the unwanted fat, but also you get weaker and sicker.

It's why so many people give up trying to lose weight themselves and believe incorrectly that they have to live with the problem of overweight or obesity all their life. But hoping the problem will go away by not making any changes in life is just as damaging.

Slim and Healthy CentenariansHealthy and Slim Centenarian

To explain in more details about identifying and avoiding popular Nasty Nutrient Robbing Foods, let me introduce you to the healthy centenarians (a healthy person who is 100 years old and more), who garden, walk. Even at age 100, they look lean and healthy.

Wow! So lucky they are!

Why are they so lucky? What are their secrets of healthy longevity?

Before revealing their secrets to live healthy beyond 100 years old, let’s take a look at their younger generations, see if the younger ones are as lucky as them, in terms of health and lifespan?

Well, the younger generations (descendants) of the healthy centenarians, who is under 50 have Japan’s highest rates of obesity, heart disease and premature death.

Why in such striking contrast between the healthy centenarians and their younger generations?

Well, the inherited good genes can’t protect the younger generations (descendants) of the healthy centenarians from obesity, heart disease and premature death.

The younger generations of the healthy centenarians accept the popular Nasty Nutrient Robbing foods as their foods for every meal; while the healthy centenarians never or seldom eat this kind of popular Nasty Nutrient Robbing Foods.

"How to Lose Weight and Build up Health"

How to Lose Weight and Build up Health gives you

a practical, easy-to-follow program you can use today

for instantly losing weight and getting healthier

for more strength, better health and all day energy

With the wisdom learned from the healthy centenarians as mentioned above, we've created a great program that is quite simply Done-For-You.

Life is wonderful, if you can lose weight and get healthy!

It is so easy and simple that you can get instant access to the life changing program, “How to Lose Weight and Build up Health” with immediate downloading.

You will experience immediate results the very first time you go through the program.

Only through learning how to lose weight properly will it enable you to start undoing some of the damage done to your body and start helping the body to naturally lose fat itself.

I guarantee you'll not find an easier program to pick up and start using as part of your everyday weight loss routine or lifestyle.

Inside the How to Lose Weight and Build up Health  program, you'll discover:

  • How to have nutritious food to nourish every cell and every organ in your body. No hunger, no pills, no surgery, no boring exercises, no food replacement, no shakes, no counting of calories or no counting of carbohydrates, no gym membership fee or any other fees required… 
  • Identify five types of Popular Nasty Nutrient Robbing food that you need to avoid as much as you can.
    These five types of popular Nasty Nutrient Robbing food can make you sicker gradually, yet unknowing leads you to serious health problems in the future, including cancer, heart diseases, stroke, diabetes and other dreadful diseases. 
  • There are the recommended menus for you to lose weight and rebuild health.
    Following the menus, you can not only save money, but also save your life. You can have your ideal body shape and weight naturally.      
  • Do you know what to drink to lose weight and regain health?
    Are all the drinks doing the same to you? Why are some drinks making you weaker, sicker and heavier every day?  
  • Are all the exercises the same for you? Why are some people killing themselves with improper exercises? What are the rules or principles you can follow to choose suitable exercises to make you healthier and not to weaken you gradually?  
  • Can you do exercises anytime, 7x24? What is the worst timing to do exercises?
    If you keep doing exercises at the wrong time, you may do more harm to your health, than do any good. In long term, you may break yourself down gradually.  
  • Besides foods, exercises, what are other important things you must know in your efforts to lose weight and make it lasting, and get healthy?  
  • If you keep on doing the same things and get the same poor result, you must find out the reasons. Otherwise it is impossible for you to achieve the goals you desire.

    Do you know why low calorie diets or low carbohydrate diets fail? Do you know why exercise only approach fail in losing weight effectively? What are the differences between temporary weight loss and lasting weight loss?  
  • What are the kinds of jobs that make you prone to overweight or obesity quickly and difficult to lose weight? Some jobs are bad for your precious health, so find out the worst job to your health and overweight or obesity problem.  
  • Build up your health and reverse the disease-making downward trend Today!
    Instead of stumbling in darkness, you are empowered to learn scientifically proven facts on how to take your focus on regaining good health, and then you can lose weight naturally, with no harm to your heart, lung, liver, kidney, spleen and other important organs.
  • Live a long and healthy life, so that you can see your children grow up and be there for  their important milestones. And show a good example to your children how to live a healthy life and lose weight naturally. 
  • The good habits you can learn from these healthy centenarians
    Good habits can lead you to healthy and slim body for life. If you want to be slim, healthy beyond 100 years old, do learn some good habits from these healthy, light, active and slim centenarians.
  • Have joy and peace in your heart, because you know that you are getting healthier every day. The extra weight as the sign of unhealthy conditions inside your body will disappear naturally!  
  • Why not reverse the process of disease formation inside your body? Why not act Now, start from Prevention?      
  •  Plus, many, many more

Do you have any questions? Click here to e-mail us.

Enjoy losing weight, greater strength and good health… or your money back GUARANTEED

EVERYONE is afraid of putting on more weight. Which means everyone can benefit. It's not a case of whether this will benefit you, but how much…

That's why I want to make this a no-brainer for you with a 100% risk-free money back guarantee.

For the next 60 days, try using the simple techniques demonstrated in this program either on your own or incorporated into your daily life.

I'm confident you’ll be delighted with the results but, if you’re not, simply email us and ask for a prompt and hassle-free, no questions asked 100% refund.

In fact, if you're not happy for ANY reason, I insist you ask for a refund and we’ll be more than happy to give you all your money back.

After seeing the effect of the program for myself and those close to me, I’m sure you'll be amazed at how quickly you feel the benefits of slim body and greater strength and vitality.

What price would you pay to  be
slimmest and healthiest that you can be?

Now you've seen the benefits of taking action and the hidden dangers of carrying on as normal and you can see the power of the How to Lose Weight and Build up Health program.

It still stuns me to see so many working hard in eating less and moving more and carrying on as normal. They struggle to understand why they still can’t lose some weight and keep it off, why they're low on energy and why their body isn't responding.

It ALWAYS comes back to their weight.

Already thousands have experienced the life changing results from losing weight and getting healthier, we're slashing the price of this program for a very limited time.

If you take action right now and purchase How to Lose Weight and Build up Health, you'll pay just $39.95 instead of the regular price of $97.

For the price of less than a meal in the restaurant, you'll receive the manual, all detailed demonstrations and walk through everything in weight loss (valued more than $97 alone).

Remember, if you wanted a consultation with a dietitian, it would cost you more than $100 an hour to learn the level of expertise we share in How to Lose Weight and Build up Health.

It's time to breathe new life,  energy and strength
into your body by
 losing your weight.

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How to Lose Weight and Build up Health

More energy, slimmer waist - having lost weight naturally increases strength and mobility, which combine to give you more freedom, self-confidence and joy in life. When you increase self-confidence and joy, you increase your chances to be healthier and more successful in life. In life, all of your success comes from good health and self-confidence.

Sleep like a baby - one of the most powerful effects of the program is giving you back a good night's sleep. When your body is better fed, less discomfort in your digestive system means better sleep for your body to rejuvenate so you feel fresher, stronger and full of energy.

Stop writing checks to your doctors – you'll no longer have to make those expensive trips to your doctors for them to treat the same old illness over again. By treating the root cause, you'll save a fortune in treatment bills.

Throw out those pain killers - no longer will you need to down pill after pill to stave off the pain in your back, knees and ankles. How to Lose Weight and Build up Health shows you how to deal with the CAUSE of your overweight or obesity problems, not the EFFECTS.

If you've been struggling with overweight and pains stopping you from living like a boss, fixing your weight problem will bring life back to your body.

Now is your time to take control  & release
your Inner Strength

So now I’ve shown you what How to Lose Weight and Build up Health can do for you, I’ve offered you the complete program for a ridiculously low price and I've reversed all the risk of your decision to buy the program.

The next step is up to you.

You could read this and simply think to yourself "sounds good, but I can do this myself" or "I’ll come back to it later". But what happens in a few days time? In a week's time? In six months' time?

Will you still be feeling the damaging effects of overweight or obesity when you can’t play with your children, sit at your desk all day or try sleeping soundly at night?

A few weeks from now, that nagging weight starts to irritate you again or you'll look in the mirror and wonder why you're still unable to shift that last bit of body fat from your tummy. 

Three months later, as you take a couple of painkillers to numb your back pain, you’ll suddenly remember reading this letter and wonder… how would I be feeling right now had I taken action back then?

I hope that's not the path set out for you.

Instead, I want you to take the path followed by so many other satisfied people who've invested in How to Lose Weight and Build up Health.

Within days - no, hours - of going through the easy-to-follow Key Changes, many were already writing me to tell me how dramatic the change is.

After a week of following the program, you’ve made it part of your everyday routine. You barely even notice you’re doing it.

By the three month mark, you're looking back on today as the day it all changed and you decided to live pain- and worry-free to your fullest potential.

Make the same choice for yourself. Hit the Buy Now button below and be ready to complete your card details on the following secure web page. Once all of your details have been completed and payment is made, hit Submit

Within a few minutes, you'll receive your program and you can immediately dive in and start reading the reports.

You can be making a difference to your health and well-being within minutes. You just have to grab the moment and do it.

Julia Yuan,


Do you have any questions? Click here to e-mail us.

P.S. Try How to Lose Weight and Build up Health for 60 days and discover for yourself the difference the wisdom detailed in this program makes to your weight loss, waistline, strength, flexibility, energy and overall health.

If you're struggling to break through a plateau, with fat loss or trying to get healthier, you'll transform your progress significantly.

And if you don't absolutely love the program and see a huge benefit to your physical and emotional health, I'll give you all your money back, no questions asked.

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