Quick Weight Loss Diets: Why Can’t You Lose Weight with Low Calorie Diets?

No matter how hard you try the quick weight loss diets – low calorie diets, yet you still can’t lose any weight. Some even put on more weight on such low calorie diets.

Don’t be discouraged and disappointed!

There are right ways to get healthy, lose weight and keep it off naturally.

As you know, it takes tremendous energy to clean a house, right? Sometimes, you may be so weak that you have to stop cleaning your house, because you don’t have sufficient energy to do the cleaning.

Similarly, if you want to lose some weight or a lot of weight, you need energy to do so. If you are very weak, how can you expect your body to get rid of the extra weight you don’t want?

The Quick Weight Loss Diets – Low Calorie Diets

If you are on the quick weight loss diets - low calorie diets, you have to eat less food than your body energy requirement, so as to create energy deficit. When you eat less to create such calorie deficit, you feel weaker, not stronger; you feel sicker, not healthier; you feel hungrier, not satisfied; your body keeps the extra weight, not get rid of it.

So you find the extra weight is stuck there, or you may lose a bit of weight and put back quickly.

You need greater energy to get rid of the extra weight you don’t want, and the greater energy comes from real nourishing food.

Does that mean that you have to eat more than proper amount of food your body requires?

No, I don’t mean you have to eat more, but it is the most important that you have to eat the right types of food or else you will keep on craving and end up on binge eating.

Focus on Eating the Satisfying Right Types of Food

Not all the foods give you the same nutrients as you desire, some foods can satisfy and nourish you much better than the others.

But in reality, most people keep on eating the wrong types of foods that make them hungry a short period of time after meals.

These wrong types of foods are deficient in essential nutrients, so you will feel hungry easily. How can you expect such nutrient deficient foods to satisfy you longer with lesser amount? How can you expect to reduce the intake of such foods to help you lose weight and keep it off?

Your right choices of food are essential for your health and weight loss, just as the famous saying: you are what you eat. You can’t be healthy and lose weight with all the wrong types of popular food.

In “How to Lose Weight and Build up Health ”, you can learn to identify wrong types of popular food that you need to avoid as much as you can.

These wrong types of popular food can make you sicker gradually, yet unknowing leads you to serious health problems in the future, including cancer, heart diseases, stroke, diabetes and other dreadful diseases.

If you keep feeding yourself with these wrong types of popular food, the chance for you to lose weight and keep it off is very slim.

My Personal Journey with the Quick Weight Loss Diets – Low Calorie Diets

Author of How to Lose Weight and Build up HealthJulia Yuan

You are not alone and I was where you are right now. I went on limiting my intake of food for few years in my twenties, though feeling very hungry, weak and sickly.

I was so keen to lose weight that I kept on limiting my food intake and did a lot of exercises. But I was not able to lose any weight.

I was so discouraged by the course of the quick weight loss diets – low calorie diets, I felt so helpless and started to blame and dislike myself. I was hurt internally.

I am Julia Yuan, the author of “How to Lose Weight and Build up Health ”. I got my ideal waistline in my mid-forties in 2007 after more than 20 years’ struggling and frustration with bloated face and body.  And I have kept that beautiful figure since then.

I am amazed by the wisdom I have found on my tough journey. I wish you could get this important wisdom without going through the tough 20 years’ struggling and frustration.

Start your journey by finding out the quick weight loss diets on how to choose good food from bad food in “How to Lose Weight and Build up Health ”.

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