Is The Extreme Weight Loss Diet -
Low or No Carbohydrate Diet Right for You?

Before going on the extreme weight loss diet - low or no carbohydrate diet, you’d better check out the role of foods high in carbohydrate in your meal and snack every day.

What are your favourite foods? What are the foods you snack on the most?

Pizza, burger, cheese cakes, pasta, French fries, Popcorn…

The list may go on and on. One thing in common is that carbohydrate is almost in all the favourite foods as listed above.

Do you love foods high in carbohydrate?

Of course, they are so satisfying especially when you are hungry. Those foods high in carbohydrate supply you with good energy. They make you calm and concentrate on studying.

Can you live without them, those satisfying foods high in carbohydrate?

You may say to yourself: I have to lose some weight, so I have to let go of those delicious satisfying foods. Can you force yourself to be on the extreme weight loss diet - low or no carbohydrate diet every day, in the rest of your life?

It is hard to do so for most people. Then it is very likely that you have to eat foods high in carbohydrate after losing some weight, right?

Then, you will gradually put on more weight than you lose.

Hunger on Low or No Carbohydrate Diet -
The Extreme Weight Loss Diet

If you love quick weight loss from the extreme weight loss diet: low or no carbohydrate diet, but can you stand the hunger on such diet?

For losing weight, you may say “Yes”, because you desperately want to lose the extra weight as fast as possible.

You can’t stand the overweight any longer; you want to get rid of the extra weight the best, as instant as possible.

The reality is that you have to stay awake during midnight because the hunger in your stomach from low or no carbohydrate diet, you can hear the stomach rumbling and yet you can’t sleep.

Hunger prevents you from sound sleep during midnight.

A 2007 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated that high-carbohydrate meals induce sleep more readily that low-carbohydrate meals eaten four hours prior to sleep.

You may be able to stand the hunger induced insomnia from low or no carbohydrate diet for few days or few weeks. Can you keep on such hungry state and keep awake every night, 365 days?  

Nourishing Food High in Carbohydrate  

Besides hunger from low or no carbohydrate diet makes you hard to sleep soundly at night, you have to face other health problems as well.

Are you tired, lightheaded, headachy and nauseated on low or no carbohydrate diet? Is it hard for you to concentrate on doing anything seriously?

You are not alone. According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, the human brain requires the equivalent of 130 grams of carbohydrate to function optimally – that’s minimum.

Simply put, carbohydrate is brain food.

But a typical low or no carbohydrate diet restricts carb intake from 0 g to 100 g, which is way below the normal requirement of a human brain.

That’s the reason that you feel lightheaded, headachy and hard to concentrate on your daily activities.

Just like the gravity of the earth, we need carbohydrate to live.

The good news is that you can lose weight and keep it off with good carbohydrate. Foods high in carbohydrate are nourishing human beings for thousands of years.

My Personal Journey with Low or No Carbohydrate Diet

Author of How to Lose Weight and Build up HealthJulia Yuan

I had taken the depriving extreme weight loss diet – low or no carbohydrate diet before, so I know how hungry, sickly, weak, depressed and helpless you feel.

You may not know how important good carbohydrate foods to your good health, but you feel sick and hungry when you live without the satisfying food. The most common food plays an important role in your health and weight loss.

I am Julia Yuan, the author of How to Lose Weight and Build up Health ”.  I got my ideal waistline in my mid-forties in 2007 after more than 20 years’ struggling and frustration with bloated face and body.  And I have kept that beautiful figure since then.

I am amazed by the wisdom I have found on my tough journey. I wish you could get this important wisdom without going through the tough 20 years’ struggling and frustration.

With the ebook How to Lose Weight and Build up Health ”, you can learn how to choose real nutritious food high in carbohydrate to nourish yourself and your family. You are empowered to learn great wisdom from the studies of healthy, slim and active centenarians.

These healthy centenarians take nourishing good carbohydrate every day, and they are healthy, light and slim even beyond 100 years old. 

You are not alone, the ebook How to Lose Weight and Build up Health ” will walk you through every step to get the nutritious diet to be healthy, lose weight and keep it off naturally for life.

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