Eating Little Makes You Hungry and Starved! Nourishing and Wholesome Food
to Lose Weight Diet

Are you searching for lose weight diet? Have you tried every diet that may help in losing weight? Are you the one who feel sad and frustrated when you are not able to lose weight?

You know as long as you can use up more calories than the food calorie intake, you will create calorie deficit and lose weight. But if that is the case, everybody can lose weight and keep it off easily.

Why can’t you lose weight by eating little? Why can’t you lose weight by skipping meals? Why can’t you lose weight by starving yourself?

Is the low calorie diet the right lose weight diet?

Someone on very low calorie diet and vigorous exercise regimen develops serious medical problems, such as uncontrollable hand shaking, menses disruption, infertility, faintness and many more.

I am sure that you don’t want to have any of the symptoms mentioned above. Who want to have these medical problems?

No, no person wants these things happen to them.

But you know if you want to lose weight, you have to eat little and do a lot of exercises. You feel weakness in your body. Even worse, sometimes you may feel faint.

It is very hard for you to keep on living on such very low calorie diet; it is harder for you to maintain an active life.

Can you lie in bed every day? Can you deprive every cell in your body from required nutrients? Can you survive well with little food for long term?

What is the lose weight diet that you can feel more energetic and satisfied every day?

The Lessons Learned from My Frustration to Lose Weight

I was once so weak that I felt faint. I thought that I developed some fearful illnesses. I was so scared of serious health problems.

Then I ate some food, after that all the bad symptoms disappeared.

Was I thrilled by the fact that simple food has cured all the illnesses I was scared of?

Yes and no. Yes, because I was happy that all the sick symptoms disappeared. No, because I assumed that I could not lose weight as more food had been taken. Then how could I create the calorie deficit?

Did I blame myself?

Yes, I did. Somehow, I hated myself: why couldn’t I eat little and do more exercises?

The vicious cycle of hunger-feeling weakness-cravings-binge eating- being miserable and depressed was very devastating for me.

The Best Lose Weight Diet

Author of How to Lose Weight and Build up HealthJulia Yuan

Finally and fortunately, I got my beautiful waistline with no hunger and no starvation after more than 20 years’ struggling and frustration.

I am Julia Yuan, the author of “How to Lose Weight and Build up Health ”.  I got my ideal waistline in my mid-forties in 2007 after more than 20 years’ struggling and frustration with bloated face and round body.  And I have kept that beautiful figure since then.

I am amazed by the wisdom I have found on my tough journey. I wish you could get this vital wisdom without going through the tough 20 years’ struggling and frustration.

In “How to Lose Weight and Build up Health ”, you will get wisdom about the bad foods which keep you overweight and make you sick. The most important, you will learn to eat well with all the natural and wholesome food, with no starvation and no hunger to lose weight naturally.

You can eat well to lose weight naturally and healthily and you don’t have to starve yourself and feel weak and miserable.

If losing weight means losing good appetite, you will lose your precious health soon. Good appetite is the sign of healthy digestive system.  You need healthy digestive system to process all the food well enough to be fully utilized by your body.

Never should you lose your good health on your journey to lose weight. Instead, you need to build up your precious health on your way to lose weight. Get the vital wisdom from “How to Lose Weight and Build up Health ”.

With the wisdom from “How to Lose Weight and Build up Health ”,  you will have a great and joyful journey to lose weight and find the right lose weight diet. You can nourish every cell in your body with wholesome foods every day!

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